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Tbilisi Grand Prix: Evgeny Tomashevsky takes the trophy

In a scenario repeating from the previous day, all games of the 11th round of the FIDE Grand Prix in Tbilisi were drawn.

The longest game of the round was Giri - Dominguez, where each player tried to win and reach shared third place. After more than six hours of play, nearly causing the delay of the closing ceremony, this game too finished in a draw.

The tournament winner Evgeny Tomashevsky (8/11), who already secured the trophy in the 10th round, maintained a 1,5 point advantage ahead of the second-placed Dmitry Jakovenko (6,5/11).

Tomashevsky earned 20,000 EUR prize money, 170 Grand Prix points and 30 elo points. He is now leading in the overall Grand Prix standings with one event to go. (Unofficial GP standings)

Results and crosstable are online, visit also the photo gallery and replay the games.

Press conferences will be available in the video gallery. More content on the Georgian Chess Federation facebook page.









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